About Us

On November 8, 2016 our country was successfully invaded by a foreign power. On November 9th the RESISTANCE was born.  The Indivisible Guide laid out the framework for local activism to faceoff against our members of Congress in defense of our American values and our very democracy.

The January 21st Women’s March on Washington and its sister marches around the world ignited a storm of activism that has swept our nation. Since then thousands of grassroots organizations have formed to RESIST the Trump agenda and that of the ultraconservative Republican Congress.

Donald Trump, who refers to the White House as a “dump”, has chosen to spend much of his time during the summer months at his Trump National golf course in Bedminster New Jersey.  Referring to it as the “Northern White House”. Local grassroots organizations decided that if he was going to be here we would bring the RESISTANCE to his front door. Since security prevented many actions from taking place we needed to be creative.

So on May 6, 2017 the People’s Motorcade was born. The purpose of the Motorcade is to voice our opposition to the Trump administration and all that it stands for. We do this by motorcading in front of Trump National every Saturday during the Summer whether he is there or not.  The People’s Motorcade and its participants have held multiple actions in Bedminster such as the “March for Truth”, “Rally for Women’s Rights” and “No Hate in the Garden State”.

Our ultimate goal is to have regular actions at every Trump property in the US and around the world.